www.pc56.co.uk - a website for Portadown College memorabilia

For over 45 years I have kept a copy of a little school magazine called P.C. '56. Hence the title of this website. I left the College in that year at the age of 14 as my family returned to England, but I have the happiest memories of my six years there, three at the Junior School on Killicomaine Road and three at the Senior School by the Bann Bridge.

If you were at Portadown College in 1956 you may remember that magazine and you may well be interested in this website and the other bits and pieces here. The magazine title was probably something to do with the popular radio series of the time called PC 49. By 1959 the title of the school magazine had changed to the more prosaic Portadown College Magazine Easter 1959.

If you read nothing else, read Adeline Clingan's "Retrospect" on page 31 of the 1959 Magazine. It sums up for me what Portadown College in the 1950s was all about - and, sadly, what I missed by leaving after Form 3A.

Many thanks to Marian Chambers* of Sydney (née Marian Mitchell) for lending me the 1959 Magazine and the Speech Day programmes for 1955, 56, 57 and 59. I believe these were originally the property of Nola Nixon. Thanks Nola for keeping them all this time!

Many thanks also to Ivy Whysall (née Freeburne) for keeping her copy of the 1962 and 1966 Magazines these 40+ years and particularly for sending me the images of all the pages already scanned.

Michael Spathaky

*I am pleased to say that Marian Chambers is now Marian Spathaky (as from 28th July 2007)